Skincare: How to Prevent Acne in Summertime?

Skincare: How to Prevent Acne in Summertime?

If you do not want warm-weather acne to wreak havoc on your face, follow simple skincare routines from UK online pharmacy to ward off summer breakouts.

Summer is synonymous with warm weather, longer days, and more time outdoors. Battling acne breakouts can be a bothersome issue for most of us throughout the year, but during summer it always tends to flare up. Experiencing a higher level of acne breakouts is undoubtedly annoying as this season calls for flaunting cool summertime attire like shorts, swimsuits, and tank tops.


Why does this happen?

Acne doesn’t get worse just because of sun exposure; hot and humid weather means more sweating and oil production on the skin, leading to clogged pores. Oil accumulation means more food to feed acne, making it a perfect breeding ground for pimples and blemishes. If you do not want warm-weather acne to wreak havoc on your face, follow these simple skincare routines from UK online pharmacy to ward off summer breakouts.


Why do the summer months bring on more breakouts?



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Acne is a multifactorial condition that is caused by some hormonal factors and androgens present within our body. In the body areas where there’s increased oil production, pores get obstructed and acne starts to thrive. It starts with the formation of tiny acne blemishes called microcomedones, which can aggravate and cause larger acne blemishes. The triglycerides in these areas become the feeding ground for bacteria causing more inflammatory forms of acne. 


In summer, hotter temps lead to profuse sweating which can clog or obstruct the pores. Additionally, your skincare routine can make matters worse. To keep our skin glowing and moisturized we continue using sunscreen, lotion, body butter, or oil. But if we continue to use winter skincare products, such as oil-based emollients, they can be too thick and greasy for the summer months. So when there is a concoction of sweat, grime, and other factors, it certainly leads to more acne breakouts.


Milder forms of acne like blackheads and whiteheads(referred to as comedonal acne) can be treated with over-the-counter products like face wash or creams available at chemists online. Most of these products contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. To treat the more severe forms of acne with pustules, inflammatory lesions, and nodulocystic variants Pharmacy online suggest seeking advice from a  dermatologist.


By making a few changes to your skincare routine you can keep acne at bay:


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  • Use a foaming cleanser 


The heat and humidity in summer can cause the oil glands to work overtime. Stopping your oil glands from producing oil is not possible, but you can certainly control the excess oil secretion by washing your face using a foaming cleanser.


Many of us may feel the urge to wash our faces more frequently in summer to wipe away excess oil and sweat; however, overwashing can break down the skin's protective barrier, causing the skin to dry out, creating more inflammation that can induce acne. Instead, a proper cleansing routine, where you wash your face twice daily, thoroughly cleaning out the pores is an essential step to prevent facial acne.


While hydrating or creamy facial cleansers provide moisture and prevent your skin from drying in colder weather, foaming facial cleansers are apt during the summer months. The choice of cleanser can vary based on skin type. UK online pharmacy recommends using a cleanser with salicylic acid as it helps to break down impurities. This should be followed by a toner to soak up the oil.


  • Change your skincare routine

Do you wear your turtlenecks and sweaters in summer? Of Course not! So how can you continue using your winter skincare in summer? You need to semi-retire your winter skincare routine and dump it in the closet in the summer months. The heavier lotions, creams, and moisturizers that protect your skin against the dryness that you experience in winter could make things worse for your skin during the summer. 


Pharmacy online has a range of lighter moisturizers that you can switch to in the summer months to prevent clogged pores. You will have to avoid more emollient during the warmer months to prevent acne-treatment dryness. To avoid that heavy, greasy feel, pick a brand labeled non-comedogenic.


Exfoliating products containing alpha and beta hydroxy acids and retinoids are gentle, yet effective and play a key role in controlling acne. Retinol (one of the most common forms of vitamin A) based products has multiple benefits. It not only amplifies cell turnover and decreases the occurrence of acne, but it also helps to treat fine lines and wrinkles. The only drawback is that it can increase sensitivity to the sun. So if you’ve never used a retinol before, don’t try it in the summer months. Consider waiting until fall to incorporate retinol in your skincare regimen and try using products that contain AHAs and BHAs instead.


To avoid clogged pores, your make-up must be free of oil, fragrance, emollients, sulfates, wax, and other additives. Steer clear from these as they might cause irritation which will only further aggravate the skin.


  • Use a Good Sunscreen


Harsh sun rays during summer can cause bad sunburns and damage your delicate skin. Besides this, tanning isn't healthy for your skin as it leads to premature aging and increases the risk for skin cancer. So using sunscreen in summers is simply non-negotiable. But, the idea of coating your skin with a greasy SPF sounds anything but pleasant for those with acne-prone skin. Many acne medications, especially those containing retinoids, make your skin more sun-sensitive, so you just cannot skip applying sunscreen before you step out in the sun.


Use a non-comedogenic, oil-free sunscreen of at least SPF 15 and wash your face, back, and chest regularly to prevent acne breakouts. Alternatively, powder-based sunscreen formulas are a great lightweight option for touching up and mattifying the skin.


Some ladies like using tinted sunscreen as it gives nice coverage eliminating the need for additional foundation makeup. Besides women, these sunscreens are popular with men and teen boys as it helps to tone down acne-related redness.


  • Get rid of dirt and sweat


Who likes being sticky and smelly all day? To beat the brutal summer heat and wash off the sweat, dirt, and grime, the best bet is to hit the cool shower. Well, we understand your summer woes, but don’t overdo it.


As mentioned earlier, it is recommended to wash your face and shower twice a day. You can typically restrict yourself to do so after working out, being outdoors in the sun, or sweating.


Exfoliating your skin does not lead to acne development, but excessive washing and scrubbing tend to hurt the skin, making it harder to treat acne. Another thing to keep in mind is to wear conducive workout gear that keeps sweat away from the skin if you're working out in the blazing sun. Loose-fitting, breathable cotton clothing rather than synthetic ones prevents blockage, thereby reducing the chances of body acne


  • Avoid popping pimples


Those nasty brats appearing on your face just before a big event are much irritating. You might be tempted to pluck at one of those big red balls after watching a video on pimple extraction. But if you dig or squeeze at those blemishes it can lead to more inflammation, scars, or infection. For those suffering from acne, there’s a greater risk of scarring when the skin is manipulated. You may end up with lighter or darker areas (pigment alteration) or infection if you don't keep your hands off your blemishes. You can always use scar reduction products from our stores for beautiful and radiant skin.


  • Hydrate Well


We all know the importance of water intake for healthy and glowing skin all year round. However, this compliance becomes particularly important in the summer months due to increased sweating. It is important to keep the skin hydrated as dehydration can lead to more oil production which means more breakouts. Along with water, our body needs vitamins and minerals in requisite proportions to strengthen our hair, skin, and nails


Sugary drinks or high glycemic index foods during summer cause a surge in insulin levels which leads to an increase in sebum production. 


Read more: Benefits of Vitamin C for our body


  • Use an Astringent


It is a good idea to add an astringent to your skincare routine during the dog days of summer, even if you never use these products. They are a great way to give your skin a matte look by removing excess oil from the skin's surface. Just toss a bottle without fail in your purse or backpack and use it on your skin whenever it feels greasy. Light mist over your face or even make-up for rejuvenated skin on the go. But if it stings or burns, switch to another brand or leave using it altogether. 




When trying to get rid of acne blemishes, patience is a must. The scars won’t vanish overnight, but it’s important to give whatever product you use some time to work. Life Pharmacy has a range of acne skincare products that can help you a great deal. If the problem seems severe, don't wait to consult a certified dermatologist. Clinical guidance can ensure you are on the right path for your skin concerns.


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