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Life Pharmacy, the online health pharmacy was founded in 2007. Our vision is to provide a complete healthcare solution focusing on a highly personalised service. We are a family run online chemist shop based in London with thousands of satisfied customers. We believe that by providing a genuine, efficient and customer oriented service, we can meet the high expectations of our online customers. Our Trust Pilot customer reviews are highly voted.

The team at Life Pharmacy value your trust and aim to serve you efficiently, confidentially and will provide you with knowledgeable advice, because our aim is to be your chemist of choice. We are a UK registered pharmacy that offers complete healthcare solution services including discounted medicines and over the counter products, branded vitamins, perfumes, hair loss, weight loss and personal health care products.


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What to know before using an Online Pharmacy

What to know before using an Online Pharmacy

Technological advancements to a great extent have affected how we perceive and do things. Trade of goods and services sector is one of the directly impacted sectors. Today people don’t prefer to visit the local store for their requirements all the time.Even pharmacies have not been spared from this paradigm shift towards technology-enabled trade. Online pharmacies are not something new rather more and more persons are now learning the pros and cons of online pharmacies.

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

How to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

For many women, hair is one of their best features that adds to their beauty. However, with the skyrocketing stress levels and unhealthy lifestyle choices, hair loss is becoming a common concern for many women.

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