Things you should consider before you plan for your summer holidays

Things you should consider before you plan for your summer holidays

Although there is a state of uncertainty regarding international travelling owing to the global pandemic issue, people still have a hope that they will get to enjoy their summer 2020 holidays.

However, one needs to be careful while going out even if the lockdown is lifted. Here are some things you need to have on your holiday checklist before you go for your summer holidays.





Are you travelling international?

Wherever you travel, make sure you are covered by your travel insurance, especially in this scenario. It is advisable to avoid any non-essential travel but if you still want to travel, you also need to consider the travel advice of Covid-19 in the country you’re travelling to. 


However, there are a lot of places to travel in the UK itself so you might like to explore your own country too! And if you want to travel out of your country anyhow, make sure you have solid and safe holiday planning.


Protect yourself from sunburn

Summertime is fun but you also need to protect yourself against sunburn. Also, alarming temperatures have been recorded in the UK in past some years and hence the need to protect your skin from sun is even more. 


SPF products are specially designed to give you protection against harmful rays of sun. These ultraviolet rays of sun can cause skin carcinoma and it is extremely necessary to apply a sun protection lotion to avoid any problem. The sunscreen products from Life Pharmacy are the best choice in this scenario with both cream and roll-on options.


Do not forget mask and sanitizers

Carrying sanitizers everywhere you go is the new normal now. Especially when you are travelling, you touch a lot of surfaces where unknown species of microorganisms are prevailing. You definitely do not want to catch a new infection while travelling with your family, and hence, it is necessary to have a sanitizer handy. 


Asepso professional hand gel sanitizer from Life Pharmacy is a 50 ml package that can be kept in your purse or pocket while travelling and you can use it easily whenever and wherever you want to. Always keep a bottle with you to avoid catching any harmful bacterial infection.


Coming to the importance of masks, it is suggested to have a protective covering that prevents the entry of pathogens to your respiratory system. A KN95 mask would be the perfect choice when travelling. If you are looking for purchasing masks for you and your family, you can have a look at these disposable respiratory protective masks offered by the Life Pharmacy. It comes in a pack of three so that you won’t have to purchase individual masks always. 


Summer travelling? 


You will need protection against both, hay fever and travel sickness


As you go for summer holidays, there will be a lot of travelling here and there, and you don’t want someone from your friends or family to face any inconvenience due to travel sickness. The Stugeron travel sickness tablets from Life Pharmacy will come handy here. Keep a pack with you while travelling and you won’t have to deal with any unexpected nausea and vomiting.


Hay fever is yet another problem encountered during summer and a lot of people are prone to getting it. However, you can tackle this issue too, by taking proper precautions. The Hayfever Allergy Relief tablets from Life Pharmacy will come to your rescue when you are travelling outside in summer. It is good to keep them handy while travelling just in case. 


Stay hydrated

Last but not the least, always stay hydrated. One, it helps you regulate your temperature. Two, it helps you throw away toxins from your body and keep you healthy. There are endless benefits of maintaining your water consumption and you should have a target of 2 litres per day. It will also help you maintain your bodily functions while travelling if you are trekking, walking or standing for a long while. 



We have tried listing out major precautions and tips to follow while travelling outside in near future. Also know that there is a strong chance of a second wave of pandemic owing to different rules and regulations in different countries and the uncertainty about the treatment options that can be made available. It is advisable to stay careful, do your best to follow the norms of social distancing and to boost up your immunity.

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