KN95 face mask: A layer of protection against COVID –‘19

KN95 face mask: A layer of protection against COVID –‘19

Protective face masks are the shields used by healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, public health workers, etc. to protect themselves from the infection.

As we all know, The professionals involved in the healthcare service are 24/7 surrounded or taking care of infected people so for their own personal safety wearing a face mask is a must!




Significance of KN95 face mask in current pandemic situation

With the advent of COVID-’19, the World Health Organization also recommends wearing protective face masks to common people (mostly the ones infected  by corona virus). This disease is spreading at a faster pace in every corner of the world. The virus present in the exhaled breath of the infected person is responsible for infecting the people in his surroundings. KN95 face masks can trap 95% of this contaminated air and prevent the spread of COVID-’19. 


Which face mask should I wear?

The choice of face mask totally depends on the purpose of use. 


In the current situation where COVID-’19 is prevalent in the entire world, healthy people can use simple medical masks and people suffering from fever or surrounded by symptomatic people must wear a respirator mask. 


Note: Do not forget to take the advice of your doctor before buying one. 


Governments around the world have given  additional guidelines for COVID-’19 prevention apart from the use of face masks. One should follow proper sanitation practices and norms of social distancing by maintaining a distance of min 6 feet from people around you. 


By following the guidelines laid by the government of your region you will be helping your country to be Virus free very soon.


What are the benefits of wearing a face mask?

Take a face mask as your PPE (Personal Protective equipment) during this COVID-19 disease. It prevents chances of getting the virus through your nose and mouth. Also, it lowers the spread of coronavirus as well.


Healthcare experts at our online pharmacy recommend KN95 face masks for both normal people and infected one. Checkout below the benefits of using a KN95 mask.


How to choose the best KN95 face mask?

The online pharmacies in the UK have come up with various types of protective face masks. The masks recommended for preventing the spread of COVID-’19 are KN95 face masks. It is essential to check the material of these masks before purchasing them.  


Look for the standards printed on the packaging material of the mask. The ASTM-F2100 standards are trusted for the surgical protective face masks.


The KN95 face mask working depends on the strength of its filter to trap the germs. You should also check the guidelines given by the manufacturers for changing the filters of the KN95 protective face masks. 


At our online chemist shop you get a pack of two such masks at discounted rates. The filtration efficiency of its filter is 95% with a design that ensures 4 layer filtering through KN95 grade of material.


KN95 face mask reviews

The KN95 face masks have strong filters that can trap particles sized as small as 0.3micron. It’s comfortable size and soft material makes it a preferred choice for people around the world.


KN95 face mask sold by Life Pharmacy not only helps people to fight the virus but also prevents infection from spreading if used by someone already infected.


What are the KN95 face mask benefits?

  • The mask fits properly on the nose as well as mouth.

  • The four-layer filter helps to trap the virus within itself.

  • This mask is washable. You can wash it with detergent and use it again for your protection.

  • This mask prevents you not only from viruses but also from dust and allergic particles.

  • The mask does not feel heavy on the mouth or face despite the filter as it is made with lightweight material.

  • The KN95 is a specially designed warrior against “Corona virus”.


Where do you get the KN95 face mask?

You can get the KN95 face masks from our online store at Life Pharmacy. We have specially designed this product to prevent you and your family from catching the lethal virus. You can use these masks frequently after washing them. 


Make sure that you get your filters changed regularly. Life Pharmacy advises you to avoid touching the front of the mask right for better results. Discard these masks in a closed bin and follow the practices for prevention against COVID-’19 as recommended by the health authorities.


Stay safe and do not forget to wear a protective face mask especially if you experience any of the symptoms of COVID-’19. Ordering your face mask from online Life Pharmacy is just a click away and it will be delivered to you in no time. 


So order now and Keep your family safe!


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