Sun protection tips: How to protect your hair during the summer?

Sun protection tips: How to protect your hair during the summer?

Summer is here, and it’s time to make sure to protect your hair just the way you protect your skin from the heat. We generally spend a lot of time on frequent haircuts and hair masks to make them look lovely and glowing, but we tend to skip on a few essentials that are required to protect hair from harmful sun rays.

Hair may not burn the way skin does, but it still gets damaged and loses its shine. Apart from this, there are other factors like heat styling tools, saltwater, air conditioning, and chlorine water that adds on to making your unprotected strand more vulnerable.



So the important question is, how do you protect your hair from the damage caused by sun rays?


Besides finding supplements like Vitabiotics Hairfollic to recover from hair damage, Here are a few sun protection tips.


Best ways to protect your hair from sun damage during summer

Avoid changing your hair colour

The sweat that forms in your hair cuticles during summer contains salt and body toxins. Apart from this, the scorching heat and UV radiations from the Sun are all harsh on your hair. In this scenario, if you apply harsh hair colour treatment products, hair damage increases.


Don't forget to shield your hair every time you leave your home

During summer, the most enjoyable activities are outings, hangouts with friends and loved ones, swimming, and exploring every corner of your town. But before going for these activities, soak your hair in pure water, and apply conditioning creams with sunscreen and UV protection effects on your hair gently. This acts as a mask for your hair against the harmful UV rays, chlorine (if you are going for swimming), dust, and other pollutants.


Try maintaining adequate moisture levels in your hair

Dry hair is more prone to damage in summer. So, moisture retention is crucial for your hair in summers. Don't take a cheat from your daily hair care routine. Apply natural conditioners, oil, and wash your hair with mild cleansing products. Apart from these, don't avoid wearing a hat or scarf when you are wandering in the town.


Trim your hair whenever required

You might develop dry or split ends in your hair during summer. This may further lead to hair fall. To prevent loss of hair, get a haircut, or if you wish to maintain your hair length, get them trimmed in order to remove dead ends and split ends.


Minimize the heat exposure

Heat is an inevitable factor that your hair needs to tolerate in summer when you are out in the Sun. But try not to burden them with extra heat from blow dryers and hair ironing equipment. This will, in turn, decrease the moisture content of your hair and also damages them. Allow your hair to dry naturally and do not try to change their appearance through equipment.


Use a wide-tooth comb

Brush your hair with a wide-tooth comb rather than using fine hair brushes. Dryness prevails in the hair during summer, and there are chances of them getting tangled. Using a wide comb will prevent hair loss problems while combing such hair. You can always use hair serum after washing your hair to prevent knot formation in the hair.


Avoid tight hairstyles

Tight hairstyles create tension at the junction of hair roots and scalp. Summer heat and sweat already open up your hair cuticles. When you tie your hair into tight hairstyles, there are chances of hair loss. Thus, choose loose hairstyles for hair loss prevention during summer.


Ensure proper nutrient intake and hydration

Apart from external care, your hair needs internal care too. You can ensure this by taking a balanced diet with ample fruits and vegetables. Consuming foods containing vitamins and minerals like vitamin E, Retinol, Zinc, etc. that provide complete nourishment to the hair and protein-rich foods can help prevent hair damage. 


Apart from this, the vitabiotics Hairfollic woman available from online chemist shops enables you to provide complete nourishment to your hair. Lastly, drink 2.5 - 3 litres of water daily to maintain the overall hydration of the body.


Final words

Thus, the above-mentioned sun protection tips and supplements by online pharmacy UK, along with proper hair hygiene and hydration can give you healthy hair. 


Proper internal and external care will help you maintain your hair's glow, colour, and quality.

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