New year, new resolution: quit alcohol and smoking

New year, new resolution: quit alcohol and smoking

“Quit alcohol and smoking” As these habits are not good for your health and it causes many health problems. You might have your own struggles, right? But there needs to be a point when you have to consider letting go of these “unhealthy” habits. Why not make it a new year resolution? Wait, don’t get overwhelmed. You already know that these habits can adversely affect your life.

Now, here’s a list of things from online pharmacy UK that can help you take baby steps towards quitting smoking or alcoholism. So, get ready to explore the right way to overcome this addiction so that it never relapses in your mind.



Can just a resolution make things work?

Every year millions of people make new resolutions. And in this zeal, they even stick to the determinations for a day or two. But what next? They might lose motivation with time. Now, this makes them lose their trust in new year resolutions. However, there is a lot more that goes behind the resolution. Here is the list for the same.


Start with building a support system

If you have friends, family members, or any relative who can heartily support you throughout the journey without any judgements, ask them for help. You can’t imagine the wonders that a true support system can do for you. If you can’t find one, don’t hesitate to approach a rehabilitation centre for the same. 


Also, note that the person is not your therapist. They are never going to fix you or walk along to guide you through the change. However, you can expect them to trust your intentions, be your cheerleaders, and offer you unconditional support throughout your journey.


Celebrate small victories

As we discussed, you are not expected to take a leap but start with baby steps. Each decision that you take towards quitting unhealthy habits is significant. There are no restrictions and predefined rules for the journey. Make it your journey and celebrate your victories. This will motivate you to move faster and cultivate healthy habits in your life. 


Follow the 21-day rule

Psychologists have proved that any habit that continues for 21 days can change into a lifestyle. You can take help from your supporters or go for the pharmaceutical aids that can help you not give up. The most important steps are to have a conversation with your therapist and also with yourself. Face your fears, and overcome them. You might suffer a lot of pain, but the outcomes will be worth the struggle. 


See the bigger picture

Imagine the day you quit alcohol and smoking. You will be free from these mere substances controlling your life. You will be a better version of yourself and quitting these habits will also help you change your life considering every aspect of it. Remember this when you feel like consuming alcohol or smoking a cigarette. The bigger picture always helps to build patience. Try it, test it, and see the results!


Don’t forget why you started

What made you take the new year resolution for quitting smoking and alcohol? There can be multiple reasons. Also, it is easier for you to forget these reasons with time. Now, this can subside your enthusiasm for giving up these addictive habits. Make a note of those reasons and open the note whenever you feel like giving up. This will help you re-ignite your motivation and keep you away from any distraction or hurdle that crosses your path. 


Get some help from the UK pharmacies



There are some products manufactured by pharma companies that help you quit alcohol or smoking. Here is the list of some widely used stuff offered by our online pharmacies in the UK:


  • Nicotine mouth sprays: These are meant to be sprayed in the mouth. The spray helps you overcome the withdrawal that you face in the absence of smoking.


  • Nicotine Tablets: These tablets are to be consumed orally to overcome the cravings of nicotine consumption. 


  • Nicotine patches: Nicotine patches are to be attached on the skin. They slowly release nicotine that helps maintain nicotine levels in the blood and subside the desire of smoking.


  • Nicotine gums: Nicotine chewing gums are made with added nicotine that helps you keep away from cigarette for a longer period of time.



Go for an addiction cessation program

All the tips mentioned above will go in vain if you do not step into an addiction cessation program. It is necessary to ensure that smoking and alcohol consumption habits do not relapse. Consult the nearby rehabilitation centre and get a personalized cessation plan from the experts. 


Please Note: Don’t rely on anyone’s advice except the experts. Always contact an online or offline chemist in the UK while buying the pharmaceutical aids for quitting smoking and alcohol.



Smoking and alcoholism can degrade your health and damage your life to unimaginable extents. Hence, the earlier you decide to get over them is better to keep yourself safe and healthy. Follow the above-mentioned steps to quit smoking and alcohol consumption. You can go for a strong support system, taking along the expert advice and pharmaceuticals. If followed in a perfect combination, these can help you gain better control of your addictive behaviour!


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