Go smoke free with the help of Life Pharmacy

Go smoke free with the help of Life Pharmacy

Quitting smoking isn't easy but you can do it with the help of our online health pharmacy There are many reasons to quit, whether it's to improve your health or save your cash.

Quitting smoking isn't easy but you can do it with the help of our online health pharmacy There are many reasons to quit, whether it's to improve your health or save your cash, it will be worth it and we're here to help! We have a vast range of cessation devices to help you stub out the habit on 11th March for 'No Smoking Day'. 

Whatever your reasons, focusing on the benefits can motivate you through those cravings. Here are just some of the reasons you should give up for good. 

Affects you from your head to your toes

We all know that smoking isn't very good for you. 80% of lung cancer deaths are attributed to smoking, but where else does it affect? Well, in short it affects everywhere. It affects your lungs, heart, mouth, skin, circulation, fertility and brain – it has a negative affect of every part of your body.


Every single cigarette contains nicotine and over 4,000 other chemicals. Included are acetone, ammonia a fluid found in cleaning products, arsenic a deadly poison, benzene a solvent used in chemical production, highly poisonous cadmium and cyanide, carbon monoxide, shellac, formaldehyde and tar. Tar is a mixture of chemicals and around 70% of tar from cigarettes is left in smokers' lungs which can lead to a range of serious lung conditions, including cancer.

Harmful to you and others

Now you know what smoking does to you, have you thought about what it does to those around you? Passive smoke is particularly harmful to children and can cause a range of short and long term illnesses. Children whose parents' smoke are significantly more likely to experience bronchitis, pneumonia, cot death and asthma. They're also much more likely to smoke themselves, so if you don't want your children to take up the habit, it's time to quit!

Improves your health and wellbeing

We don't need to tell you that it is one of the biggest causes of lung cancer and preventable premature deaths in the UK. However, no matter how old you are, or how long you've been a smoker, as soon as you quit the health benefits begin. In just 20 minutes your heart rate and blood pressure will return to a normal rate. In 8 hours the carbon monoxide and nicotine will start to leave your body. Within 24 – 48 hours your lungs will start to clear and the nicotine will have been eliminated from your body, and in a matter of weeks your breathing will improve and exercise will become easier. In 3-9 months any breathing problems will be considerably reduced and in just 1 year your risk of coronary heart disease will be half that of someone who smokes.

Saves you money

We all like to save money and quitting will most definitely do that. At present a packet of 20 cigarettes costs approximately £8, a 20-a-day smoker who quit would save themselves £56 every week! But it's not just the cost of cigarettes you'll save on, if you give up you'll also find your home, life and car insurance will be cheaper too. After one year, you could have saved within the region of £3,000, now that's food for thought!

If you want to go smoke free and would like to know more about the support, advice and products available including our range of Gamucci electronic cigarettes and cartomisers, visit our online shop or call us today on 0207 511 8292. 

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