All You Need To Know About How to deal with Hairfall During Pandemic

All You Need To Know About How to deal with Hairfall During Pandemic

COVID-19 is one of the closest events to an apocalypse that humankind has ever seen, and it has taken a toll on the physical as well as mental health of people. The endless efforts required to keep yourself healthy and sane during this time has worsened the scenario to a whole new level.

A newly-found consequence of the coronavirus pandemic is “Telogen effluvium”, the hair-fall during the pandemic. It is a form of temporary hair loss caused by emotional or physical stress, illness, and fever or weight loss. This is very different from the hair-loss that occurs due to alopecia and it occurs all over the scalp.


There are many other reasons behind hair-fall. Some of them can be genetics, age, and hormonal imbalances while other health conditions and medication count as valid reasons too. In the case of stress, the hair loss usually occurs after two to three months of the occurrence of a stressful event. 


Not to mention, it is normal to shed a few strands of hair every day. But in the case of telogen effluvium, the hair loss exceeds the new growth. The hair fall is so much that you might start to fear taking a shower or combing your hair.




How does hair loss affect us?

Our hair is a part of our identity and appearance. And it becomes difficult to deal with when you start experiencing hair fall. Coping up with hair loss amidst a million other anxieties, will only increase your stress and thereby aggravate your hair loss. It affects your confidence and self-image too. People become very upset over hair loss as it is an important feature of your looks.


What can be done to prevent hair-fall?

If there is a problem, there has to be a solution. And in the case of Telogen effluvium, we definitely have a solution. If you keep in mind the following simple remedies, you’ll be able to combat the extensive hair loss that you’re suffering.


  • Drink enough water, as simple as that:

    Dehydration is one of the most important factors that can contribute to a number of diseases and disorders. Keeping your body deprived of water can cause toxin build-up and hence, affect the growth of your hair.




  • Get your daily dose of sleep and exercise:

    Insomnia, or let’s say “coronasomnia” is yet another reason behind increasing stress and rising cortisol levels in humans. Getting enough sleep can destress your body, and will also help in reversing the hair loss. A good circadian rhythm is a key to a healthy body, and it can improve almost any medical condition a person is going through.


    Regulating your sleep cycle can impact this process, while also giving your body the rest that it deserves. Exercise is yet another simple solution available to us. It enhances blood circulation throughout the body. As your scalp receives the blood flow and oxygen through exercise, your hair growth improves. Besides, exercise also helps in flushing out the harmful toxins out of your body and hence, creating an environment for healthier growth of your hair.


  • Buck up on your micronutrient intake:

    Eating outside at the restaurants and cafés has not been very popular lately, but people still consume junk food at home. Stress eating always calls for unhealthy intake of fats, processed foods, excess salt, and unrequited amounts of sugar. Consumption of necessary micronutrients is very low during this phase and the deficiency of vitamin D, iron, or biotin can be a major factor in causing hair loss. The amount of protein in your diet can affect your hair loss too.


So, what can you do about this? Well, just replenishing the depleted micronutrients in your body will work wonders. It will relieve you of multiple symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, and hair loss. 


Our bodies are wired to repair themselves when provided enough amount of nutrients. But as we cannot get enough micronutrients from our daily meals, supplements always come to our rescue. These supplements help you in many ways. 


They replenish the levels of deficient vitamins and minerals in our body and thereby help our beautiful hair go back to their natural self.


Hairfollic woman by Vitabiotics is one of the best micronutrient supplement capsules rich in biotin, selenium, and zinc to enhance the growth of your hair. It is also rich in amino acids, which are an integral part of your hair structure. The tricologic complex further contributes to strengthening the hair and giving them a natural sheen that makes them look healthier than ever. 


Now available at the UK Online Pharmacy, Vitabiotics Hairfollic Woman is proven to bring amazing results to a lot of women experiencing hair loss!

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