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Vote not buy vitamins and supplements online which are much cheaper than high street stores? We have a wide range of multivitamins, supplements and minerals on our online website; all designed to help you stay healthy, happy and positive on your day-to-day basis. Our product selection is suitable for men, women and children of all ages. Life pharmacy online always runs special offers especially if you buy in bulk, providing great savings as compared to high street retailers. Check our A-Z range and have it delivered at the comfort of your own home. Buy vitamins and supplements online and save huge.

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  1. Natures Living Superfood 300g

    RRP £59.99

    Our Price £57.99

    Sale Price £54.99

    Nature`s Living Superfood - A nutrient-dense, mineral rich superfood

    Natures Living Superfood is an extremely potent combination of natures most deeply nourishing, cleansing, building and alkalising `Superfoods.` Learn More
  2. XLS - Medical Fat Binder - 180 Tablets

    RRP £64.99

    Our Price £60.99

    Sale Price £56.99

    XLS - Medical Fat Binder in pack size 180 tablets is clinically proven that can help you lose weight up to 3 times as much than exercising and dieting alone. Learn More

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