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Vote not buy vitamins and supplements online which are much cheaper than high street stores? We have a wide range of multivitamins, supplements and minerals on our online website; all designed to help you stay healthy, happy and positive on your day-to-day basis. Our product selection is suitable for men, women and children of all ages. Life pharmacy online always runs special offers especially if you buy in bulk, providing great savings as compared to high street retailers. Check our A-Z range and have it delivered at the comfort of your own home. Buy vitamins and supplements online and save huge.

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  1. HealthAid Sexovit Forte Tablets

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    HealthAid Sexovit forte tablets with essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to help men and women improve their sexual activity and performance. Learn More
  2. Greener Grasses 8oz

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    Incredible Value, Nutrient Dense Cereal Grasses! Greener Grasses is an incredible combination of 6 different, naturally grown, nutrient dense green grasses. It provides healthy alkaline elements and large amounts of food nutrients. These include; vitamins, minerals, trace minerals - including those that are naturally colloidal, chlorophyll, fibre and phytonutrients. Greener Grasses helps alkalise the body. 100% grown in nutrient dense soils, harvested at the peak of nutrition and dried below 100 degrees. Due to harvesting techniques the product is generally fairly pleasant in taste and works particularly well with carrot or citrus based juices. It is also smooth and non-gritty in texture. Why take Cereal Grass? Cereal grasses have been used as human food supplements since -the 1930`s. They contain excellent sources of beta-carotone, vitamin K, folic acid, calcium, iron, protein, fibre, vitamin C and many of the B vitamins. Nutritional value is much higher than those found in other green vegetables. Why is Greener Grasses micro-pulverised? Micro-pulverised whole leaf grasses provided in small particle sizes (many times smaller than other whole leaf grasses) allows for a greater nutrient availability while still maintaining the benefits of the fibre. 100% Pure Juice? The juices in Greener Grasses are 100% pure juice. Some other grass juice products are diluted with up to 50% brown rice, maltodextrin plus other carriers and fillers. The juice in Greener Grasses are not diluted. Due to harvesting techniques the product is fairly pleasant to taste and is smooth and non gritty in texture. What are the exact ingredients in Greener Grasses? Whole leaf wheat grass, whole leaf barley grass, alfalfa leaf juice, dandelion leaf juice, kamut grass juice, barley grass juice and oat grass juice. This product is 100% organically grown and dried below 100 degrees F to preserve enzymes and other heat sensitive elements. Greener Grasses is packaged in an amber glass bottles with oxygen absorbers and metal lids for optimum preservation of nutrients and vitality Greener Grasses is 100% micro-pulverised whole leaf grasses and pure juice! No dilutants! No Fillers! What is the suggested usage for Greener Grasses? Greener Grasses can be consumed mixed with juice or pure water. Alternatively it can be sprinkled or mixed with food. Begin with 1-2 (or more, according to lifestyle) heaped tablespoons per day mixed in juice or water. Greener Grasses is a super concentrated food and its benefits increase when more is consumed. Absolutely non-toxic. Great to take in addition to Natures Living Superfood! Learn More
  3. Novogen Red Clover 500mg Tablets

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    Novogen Red Clover 500mg Tablets Isoflavones for women during and after the menopause. The typical British diet is low in isoflavones because it contains only a small amount of pulses (legumes) such as lentils, chickpeas, red clover, soy and other beans - the richest isoflavone containing foods. Studies show that women going through the menopause may help maintain good health and well-being by eating a diet high in natural isoflavone phytoestrogens. Taken daily, Novogen Redclover food supplement provides women of menopausal age with the same amount and proportion of isoflavones as would be obtained by eating a typical pulse-based diet. Learn More

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