What are The Reasons for Getting Frequent Tiredness?

What are The Reasons for Getting Frequent Tiredness?

Do you feel TATT? Well, TATT is a common acronym that stands for “ tired all the time.” Everyone feels tired or exhausted at some point in time; lack of sleep, long work hours, or the common cold can be some of the basic causes of fatigue. However, it is unusual to experience tiredness all the time.

A person experiencing tiredness consistently has less energy than usual and feels physical, mentally, or both exhausted. Chronic tiredness or fatigue can negatively impact work productivity, relationships, and the ability to enjoy life. 


If sleep or rest is not enough to let you bounce back, it is time to address the problem and get to the bottom of the issue. Unexplained tiredness for a prolonged period may be due to psychological, physiological, and physical issues, thus requiring immediate medical attention. 

Online chemist shops have enlisted a few causes of tiredness that don’t let you get in first gear throughout the day:


So why do I feel exhausted all the time?

Although ascertaining the root cause of tiredness might be difficult, evaluating yourself on these criteria might help. 


Physical causes of tiredness

There is a wide range of physical illnesses that can make you feel tired or exhausted.

These include:


  • Deficiency of iron (anemia)


Iron acts as a carrier to transport oxygen in your blood. As a result, people deficient in iron have low oxygen levels in their blood, making them feel dizzy and tired.


  • Deficiency of Vitamin B12 


An adequate proportion of B12 is required by your body cells to function properly. Inadequate B12 levels can decrease normal red blood cell production, impairing oxygen delivery and making you feel weak and tired.


  • Diabetes 


When the levels of blood sugar in your blood increases, the body needs to use a lot of energy to deal with these frequent changes, making you feel tired. Besides frequent urination and thirst, fatigue is the most common symptom to diagnose diabetes.


  • Heart diseases 


Heart failure and chest illnesses such as asthma or obstructive pulmonary disease can lead to fatigue. Call a UK pharmacy to order your healthy heart supplements. You may also need to order a blood pressure monitor from our online store to track your blood pressure.


  • Hypothyroidism 


People with underactive thyroid levels experience fatigue as the body’s metabolism slows down. Glandular fever and Addison’s disease may also cause tiredness in individuals.


  • Sleeping disorders


Any kind of disorder that leads to insufficient sleep can give rise to fatigue, Sleep apnea, where breathing problems tend to disrupt sleep patterns, or having to get up in the night a lot to pass urine due to an overactive bladder or an enlarged prostate gland can cause tiredness due to lack of sleep. Sometimes extreme pain from certain medical conditions can keep you awake at night.


  • Being underweight or overweight


In either case, you can experience tiredness. Underweight people have poor muscle strength, making them tire more easily. At the same time, an obese person’s body has to put in extra effort to accomplish everyday tasks.


  • Carbon monoxide poisoning 


Carbon monoxide poisoning that can be caused if the boiler is not serviced regularly can be harmful as it displaces oxygen in the blood, depriving the heart, brain, and other vital organs of oxygen and increasing tiredness.


  • Treatments 


Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy used to treat cancer may give rise to fatigue. In addition, medicines to lower cholesterol, some painkillers or antidepressants, and beta-blockers can produce fatigue side effects.


  • Menopause or Pregnancy 


These two stages are crucial for women, who might experience severe tiredness during this time due to several bodily changes. However, you must follow these steps to maintain your heart health after menopause.


Experiencing tiredness for more than four weeks means that you need to see your GP so they can confirm the root cause that could be causing tiredness. Your doctor may ask you several questions or may even ask you to get several tests done, such as checking your diabetes or hemoglobin, etc., to find the precise cause of tiredness. You can alternatively rely on the diabetes testing kit from the UK pharmacy for accurate results to monitor your diabetes regularly from the comfort of your home.  


Psychological causes of tiredness

Psychological causes of tiredness.png


Psychological causes of tiredness lead to poor sleep or insomnia, which can result in daytime tiredness. As a matter of fact, psychological tiredness is much more common than tiredness due to physical causes.


Psychological causes include:


  • Stress


Stress is an inevitable gift of modern life. But unfortunately, most of us are under constant stress as we try to cram too much into our routine lives 24/7. The constant battle to stay on top of things or be on our feet around the clock often adds to unwanted stress.


It is worth noting that even happy events such as weddings or moving house can alleviate stress levels. When in stress, a person often finds it difficult to catch good sleep, which leads to exhaustion.


  • Emotional trauma 


A sudden emotional shock due to losing a loved one, a break-up in a relationship, or domestic violence can make you feel tired and exhausted.


  • Depression or Anxiety 


People with depression often feel sad, low and lack energy. Constant uncontrollable feelings of anxiety can make you feel worried and irritable.People with anxiety or depression tend to often feel tired.


Lifestyle causes of tiredness

Lifestyle causes of tiredness.png


Modern lifestyle has made maintaining good health go for a toss. Irregular and unhealthy habits of our techno-savvy world can play a major role in making people feel tired.

Lifestyle causes of tiredness include:


  • Alcohol


Excessive alcohol consumption in more than one way can prove to be a silent killer. Drinking more than 14 units a week interferes with your sleep, making you feel tired. Taking recreational drugs is another contributing factor to tiredness.


  • Exercise 


Both extremes: too much or too little exercise can tire one.


  • Caffeine


You may tend to drink too much tea, coffee, or energy drinks to work long hours. The stimulant found in these beverages can upset sleep, making you feel wound up and tired.


  • Night shifts


Working night shifts is a common trend these days. People who work night shifts, where the shift time keeps changing, are more likely to feel exhausted than their day-shift counterparts.


  • Unhealthy Eating


Consuming too many ultra-processed foods, high-fat snacks, or sugary foods instead of sitting down for a proper meal is a surefire way to make your body deficient in nutrition. Unhealthy eating can invite several health disorders besides making you feel tired. They may satiate your palate and also cut down on meal cooking time, but your health will ultimately be at stake.


Treatment for tiredness

Treatment for tiredness


Believe it or not, there is no specific remedy for tiredness. As such, no tonic or medication may help you overcome fatigue symptoms unless you try to narrow down the root cause and then do something about the problem.



Health practitioners over the years have pointed out the enormous health benefits of moderate physical exercise such as walking, jogging, cycling, or swimming. Physical exercise is extremely important not only to maintain your overall health but also to treat tiredness.  


Sound Night’s Sleep

People unable to get quality 6-8 hours of sleep at night are tempted to take short day naps to compensate for the lack of sleep. It is an incorrect way to deal with tiredness as it can put your body clock out of sync, making it more difficult to get a good sleep at night. People suffering from sleep disorders must tackle that problem to overcome fatigue. 


Treatments for ailments

As mentioned earlier, if any medical condition is causing tiredness, then treating the condition will automatically resolve the problem. For instance, if you are suffering from hypothyroidism, taking a pill that will get the thyroid hormone to the desired level might make you feel more energetic. Likewise, treating anemia or Vitamin B 12 deficiency by taking A to Z multivitamins from the UK pharmacy can help you achieve the desired results. However, it is important to note the best time to take these vitamins and minerals to maximize absorption. 


Replacing medications

Suppose certain medications are causing tiredness as a side effect. In that case, you can speak to your medical practitioner, who can try and replace it with another medication that may suit you better.


Treatments for psychological causes 

If you have a psychological illness like anxiety or depression, it would be helpful to take counseling therapy or prescribed medications. 


Stress will not vanish by itself, but you need to review your life and think about it. Figure out if you need to change something, like a job, that may be causing excessive stress. Re-prioritize things in your life, as it is not practical for one person to do it all. Talk to your friends and family and see if they can help.


If the situation is not in your control, then take time out to do things you love the most to balance out the stress. It could be as simple as reading a book, going on a holiday, enrolling in dance classes, or listening to music, but it can go a long way in making you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Bottling up your feelings will only make matters worse in the long run.


Lifestyle correction

If you practice any incorrect living styles, give it a tweak and correct the faults as soon as possible. For example, eat healthy foods, sleep at the right time, avoid caffeinated beverages, reduce alcohol consumption, etc. and see your tiredness disappearing gradually.



Your health is in your hands and following certain norms makes it quite easy to avoid many medical problems. However, you can contact Life Pharmacy for all your medical needs if you face any medical situation. 


Tiredness is not a disease, but if it is persistent for a long time, it becomes essential to find the cause of tiredness.


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