Ways To Prevent Heart Failure After Heart Attack

Ways To Prevent Heart Failure After Heart Attack

If you’ve gone through a heart attack, your heart is at a risk for heart failure. The muscle is quite damaged and if it has undergone enough damage, you might be developing heart failure. That is, even if your myocardial infarction was very mild or moderate. Obviously, people who have had more serious heart attacks are at more risk and they could develop heart failure within a few hours. You need to be very careful and take care of your heart. Online chemists have amazing range of supplements to aid you in the healthy heart process.

However, no matter the extent of damage caused due to heart attack, a good course of treatment along with some spot-on lifestyle changes, you can have an effective solution to prevent a heart failure or delay it at least.



Let’s prevent a heart failure by following a few vital tips:

The heart knows what it wants


The heart knows what it wants


The heart heals itself. Even after a heart attack, the undamaged muscle counterparts of your heart take on the action and stretch themselves to cover for the damaged muscle. The scientific term for this phenomenon is called cardiomegaly.


This cardiac remodeling causes your heart to grow larger, and it allows the heart to perform more and forceful contractions but at the same time it causes your cardiac muscle to weaken over time. This contributes to elevated risk of heart failure.


Usually, a cardiologist would suggest an imaging test in order to assess the progress of the disease. It could either be an echo or a multigated acquisition scan. That helps the physician determine your heart’s chambers and the muscle fractions involved.


How to prevent cardiac remodeling?

Usually, you are prescribed medicines to significantly reduce the chances of remodeling after a heart attack. This improves the condition of people at risk for cardiac failure. Some of these medicines are: beta blockers, angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) and angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors—a.k.a., ACE inhibitors.4


What can I do on my own?

In order to further improve your chances of survival you need to make some changes to your lifestyle. Here’s a list of tips you could follow for a healthy heart:


healthy heart


  • Quit smoking: 


If you are a smoker, it increases your chances of atherosclerosis by elevating the levels of low density lipoprotein, i.e. the bad cholesterol. And it also reduces the levels of good cholesterol. Smoking has an effect on your heart rate, worsens your blood pressure, and it also adds to the chances of you forming blood clots.


  • Improve your diet:


Add more heart-healthy foods to your diet. It could be whole grains, low-fat, low-sugar, legumes, lean meat, etc. to your food. Simultaneously, reduce the amount of oils, red meat, sweets, sodas etc. from your diet.


  • Physical activity is a must:


At least 3 hours a week or 30 minutes a day, indulge in a good amount of physical activity. It has been seen that this kind of exercise has a protective effect on your blood pressure, cholesterol levels etc.


  • Work on your weight:


If you are obese, you are already at a high risk for cholesterol and high blood pressure. It also leaves you vulnerable to type 2 diabetes. In order to lower these risks, order your clinically proven weight lose tablets from an online chemist and protect your heart from heart disease.


  • Get enough sleep: 


Manage your stress and give yourself enough rest. Your body needs to rest enough in order to function well.


  • Add supplements:


Diet is very well enough for your heart but you can also amp up the game by adding some useful nutrients and supplements for keeping your heart healthy. Cod liver oil and Omega 3 supplements are very beneficial to the heart conditions and are available on pharmacies online UK.


Furthermore, flax seed oil is also a soothing supplement for heart conditions. All these beneficial supplements are over the counter products and are available on the UK pharmacy store.



Your heart is literally the one thing that runs your body. Keeping your heart healthy is not only your responsibility but it is very crucial to live your life in a healthy manner. Life Pharmacy the online pharmacist in the UK has the best range of products to aid you in the process.


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