Online Pharmacies - Legitimate or Fraud

Online Pharmacies - Legitimate or Fraud

In today’s economy, the rising popularity of online pharmacies has left everyone thinking that are online pharmacies susceptible to fraud or are they legitimate?

Each year, the cost of prescription medicines continues to rise and it seems the trend is here to stay. This trend has forced people to search for other options. One of the ways to get the medicine at a lower cost is ordering online. Online Pharmacy offers privacy, low prices, and convenience. One needs to be very careful with your transactions as you operate on a virtual platform.



If you browse online, you can come across a lot of mail order or online pharmacies. But many of these are fake pharmacies. Meaning they are not regulated by any agencies and can send you fake medicines.  Illicit pharmacies are sprouting like weeds and dominating search engines for brand-name medicines and social media feeds too. These fraudulent pharmacies claim fast delivery of antidepressants, painkillers, cancer drugs, sexual aids and much more at cheaper rates and without prescription.


The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) has reinforced its regulations for pharmacy owners to help ensure that the public can only obtain medicines from online pharmacies that are clinically apt and safe for them.


Online research conducted by YouGov ordered by the GPhC reveals that in the future only twenty-five percent of people are likely to use online pharmacies, while fifty percent of those unlikely to do so have fears about the safety of online pharmacies.


There are big fears that how can one claim if an online pharmacy is genuine or if it is a fraud?


Purchasing prescription drugs online is not illegal but people should take necessary precautions to identify genuine online pharmacy from those of black marketers and fraudsters.


Cautionary Signs


  • As a customer, you might receive unwanted emails or any social media postings ensuring great discounts on famous drugs. 
  • The fake online pharmacies offer huge discounts that seem unbelievable because the drugs they sell may not be apt or it might not contain any active ingredients and is of no use. Also, it might contain the wrong ingredient in an incorrect amount. The drugs present might be old or contaminated. The patient might worsen instead of improving or can have side effects.
  • Illegal online pharmacy sites would ask consumers to complete a questionnaire rather than asking for a prescription. Generally, they don’t provide email id. Apart from that, they are not licensed to run business in your state nor any other state.
  • The site offers international shipment free.
  • The supposed to be online pharmacy is located outside the UK or its website doesn’t show a location.


Buying medicines from fake online pharmacies can put you and your family’s health at risk. Always ensure to look for online pharmacies that are genuine to protect your health. One of the studies conducted shows that users of “rogue” online pharmacies had great risks of adverse events. Even the physicians were not taking care to monitor the dosage, contraindications, results and adverse effects.


It’s advisable to only use those websites that:-

  • Has a physical street address in the United Kingdom
  • Requires its customers to provide a valid prescription
  • Are licensed by the state wherein you stay
  • Offers consultation from a licensed pharmacist


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